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RoadSignature 1:18
Sun Star Cars 1:18
Kyosho Diecast 1:18
Shelby Diecast 1:18
Norev Diecast 1:18
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Classic Toys    

Quick Ship Time 99% of orders are shipped within 24 hours.  

25 Years of Experience Our family business has been around for 25 years! We started just selling in the San Fernando Valley and now we sell all over the world!
About EBay Feedback:  Feedback is only for people who use it, NOT EVERYONE LEAVES FEEDBACK so our EBay feedback should be much higher. 99% or 98% means just that, 99 of 100 (or 998 of 1000) people received their product. From time to time there are unforseen events that cause packages to be late due to the Postal Service, but it still gets delivered, which still means 99% gets delivered.
If you do have a question regarding your item or with shipping, please contact us first, so that we can resolve it quickly.
Competitive Pricing  We are able to provide very competitive pricing. We have over 1000 different items for you to choose from!
Quality Shipping & Handling   We package all our orders with care using bubble wrap to protect models from damage in transit.
Excellent Customer Service   Many of our first time customers have become returning customers that we know by name. We work hard to make sure that all customers are happy with their product, happy with the price and happy with us.
International Shipping We are happy to ship around the world, but we do ask for patience b/c it is, going around the world. Since it is a process (we have to personally take it to the Post Office, drop it off in person and have it scanned) it may take 2-3 business before it gets into the USPS Postal system.

Once accepted at the Post Office, it is out of my control. Typically, it will arrive to you in 7-10 business days, which is 2 weeks time. It MAY get held at Customs for inspections and that may take 3-5 MORE business days. Every country is different, so please have patience.

Overnight   USPS Express Mail Shipping Overnight in Most Cases *
Express Mail  


flat rate envelope $20 plus the original shipping amount

flat rate box $35 plus the original shipping amount

    add this to the order add this to the order
Priority Mail   USPS Priority Mail is Extremely Fast 2-4* days most of the time 2-3 days
1st Class   USPS 1st Class Mail is used for any item under $8.95 delivery 2-4 day*
Fed EX   Fed EX Ground is used for Large or heavy shipments CA 1-2, NY 5-7 days
    1:18--14 inch, 1:24--8 inch, 1:32--5 inch, Long

USPS Priority Mail Delivered 1-3 Days any U.S. States.

Some ships under $10 may be shipped via 1st class

Shipment is sent usually same day Payment is Received.




We ship International Order to any where in the World

Canada, UK/Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East and Australia.

USPS International Prioirty Mail* 7-10 business days delivery

Payment made for International shipping is an Estimate payment or deposit and will there

be additional cost. An invoice will be from paypal sent to cover the difference or whole shipment will be delayed.

Dodgeballs or 12 packs of cars, ALL Large or Heavy ORDERS will have to add additional cost.


All Shipments are based on Domestic USA Shipping and priced a flat fee

From To Ship Cost
$.01- $8.95 $3.96
$8.96- $17.85 $7.96
$17.86- $27.85 $12.96
$27.86- $69.85 $19.96
$69.86- over $29.96
Email Question   Sheldonmiller34@gmail.com
Paypal Payments   sheldon@classictoys.com
Phone or text   619-366-1826 prefer text

PayPal accepts Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Sorry No Personal Checks, Money Order or Cashier Check.

You don't have to have a Paypal account, click the " If you do not currently have a PayPal account" and Paypal will accept your credit card or debit card. its may be hard to find but it might say one time Credit card payment.


ebay Store  


ebay store name is "Garage_Cars" ebay handle is "EileensGarage"

    * means USUALLY ships and arrives as mentioned, may take longer